Current offer of laptops for gamers from ROG and similar series is not strong enough, it will soon get a chance to play their favorite game titles at ultra strong, but also ultra-expensive laptop –Clevo P870X which stands for almost $16,000.

For that price, players worldwide will get the best of the best. Clevo is in this 17.3 inch notebook decided to incorporate 4K resolution IPS display that supports Nvidia’s G-Sync technology, and covers 100% of the sRGB spectrum.

Furthermore, will be driven by the Intel future Core i7 processor Kaby Lake series -Core i7-7700K which will be clocked at 4.5 GHz. With that comes the increased amount of RAM -64 GB DDR4, which will also have a high clock speed of 3,000 MHz.

Gamers in the near future shouldn’t miss data space, because according to announcments, P870X will be available with 10 TB of data space. To provide such a space Clevo will within P870X models offer five Samsung SSD (3 x 960 Pro and 2x 850 Pro model) of the 2 TB.

To provide world-class graphics performance in Clevo notebook will install two GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, which will be connected by SLI’s. To all the hardware had enough energy to operate, Clevo P870X will have two power supplies of 330 W and a battery capacity of 89 Whr.

From the configuration will not absent webcam with FHD quality, RGB keyboard, memory card reader, high-quality audio system with subwoofer, etc. All this will result in a powerful notebook for gaming that weights 5.5 kilograms.
You can examine configuration attached or on ebay where the notebook is currently on offer. Users who choose to separate about $16,000 for this technological marvel, the postman with a package can be expected in early February 2017.