This week was signed an agreement on testing the feasibility of building Hyperloop in the Czech Republic. It was signed by the company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and Brno city. The plan is to investigate whether there is a possibility that in the near future the city Hyperloop connects to about 120 kilometers away Slovakian capital Bratislava.

At about the same time while in Dubai on the Feasibility Study works the rival company Hyperloop One, and is considering linking Dubai and Abu Dhabi, few expected that, with for example the line Los Angeles – San Francisco, just Eastern Europe is first to start with this project.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies uses the technology of passive magnetic levitation (which they bought a license for), and claim to have solved all the technical issues relating to the levitating capsule, maintaining a minimum pressure in the pipes, aswell acceleration and deceleration of capsule with people in a safe way.

Their tunnel should allow that the distance from Brno to Bratislava is passed for only 10 minutes.